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What is right, what is fiction behind the science of wooden furniture.

The science of wooden furniture

The science behind the wood

When it comes to Beech wood furniture, like the ones hand crafted at Noa Home decor. A precise science is required behind each tree, timber, lumber and final product that decors your beautiful home. It is broken down in two parts: the moisture content of the timber (EMC) and the relative humidity (RH) of the surrounding area where the final product will be placed. According to DR.Eugene Wengert, professor and specialist in wood processing at university of Wisconsin-Madison’s department of forestry, “wood should be dried to a water moisture content within 2% of the relative humidity of the home it will be placed in. Due to the several climate zones in Iran we dry our timber at Noa home decor in accordance with the specific climate zone it will be sent to, for example a province of Rasht where humidity can range from 47-52% indoors, the wood will be dried to 9%, however southern provinces of Iran where humidity ranges from 15-25% indoors the wood will be dried to an exact EMC of 5%.